Our immune system deteriorates as we get older, leaving us less able to deal with food-borne bacteria we would have had no problem kicking into touch before. So we need to be more careful. Thing is, the older we get, the less we like to be told what to do… by anybody. So it was important to find the right creative vehicle to carry this information and advice to this older audience.

And who better, than they themselves?

The insight was that most people taking chances when preparing food know they’re doing it. A little voice inside their head tells them this, while another says, “Don’t worry about it. It hasn’t killed us yet.” This inner dialogue is at the root of these two TV commercials.

On radio the inner dialogue was substituted with an inner monologue, reflecting the way we talk to ourselves in the kitchen when we’re dealing with food.

The print aspect of the campaign, at least copywise, is more straightforward and to the point. No need for smart headlines when the visual is this interesting.