What am I up to on this here website? What’s with all the flash fiction entries, Graham? What’s the difference between those and the short stories? Well, the flash stuff is the result of briefs and first lines set by different people and groups I follow, like and respect online. The shorts are the ideas, the seeds of somethings, that I need to get off my chest, after they pop into my head and drip on down there into the sternum area. Sometimes when I write them, it’s to see if they have the fuel tank to go somewhere interesting and become something more. They’re sketches, really. Doodles. Scribbles. Don’t judge me. Please. One or two them might be verging on kind of shite. But, nothing ventured and all that.

Then, of course, there’s the therapeutic stuff, the stories that are true or at least based on them. And sometimes, just sometimes, there comes a rant or something thought-provoking, enough to provoke a thought or two in me, anyway.

Please, come in. Have a read. It’s what the words are there for.