Remember when Paul Greengrass did ‘Green Zone’, and it had Matt Damon in it, but it wasn’t a Bourne movie? But that the studio wanted to remind us, all the same, that it was from the director of two Bourne movies and that it had Jason Bourne in it? But it wasn’t actually anything like a Bourne movie? Or when ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ came along and they told us it was like ‘Inception meets (you’ll never guess, really) Bourne’? Well why not keep everyone happy and take practically every film the Damonator has been in and substitute the titles with Bourned-up versions?

The Martian The Martian

Elysium Elysium

Behind the Candelabra Behind the Candelabra

We Bought a Zoo We Bought a Zoo

Contagion Contagion

The Adjustment Bureau The Adjustment Bureau

True Grit True Grit

Hereafter Hereafter

Green Zone Green Zone

Invictus Invictus

The Informant! The Informant!

The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd

The Talented Mr Ripley The Talented Mr Ripley

Dogma Dogma

Good Will Hunting Good Will Hunting