Graham grew up in Dublin. Some time around the age of 9, he expressed a desire to become a writer, and was promptly rewarded with a Lilliput Junior typewriter for his birthday.

On this charming little contraption he’d write the first and sometimes even second page of many brilliant books, most of which involved killer robots of one form or another, and none of which would ever live to see the light of day (robots or books). This was half due to being easily distracted (come on, he was 9) and half due to the act of typing on the Lilliput being a torturous experience. Seriously, the thing would not have been out of place in the halls of the Spanish Inquisition.

Today, he does manage to get past the second page (which is good, because the market for two-page novels is quite small) and lives in Celbridge, County Kildare (that’s in Ireland, you know) with his wife and three not-quite-children-anymore.