Graham Stewart was born in 1975 in Dublin, where he grew up, and then grew wide, before growing back in again. Some time during this mutation, in the mid 1980’s, he vowed to become a writer, and was promptly rewarded with a Lilliput Junior typewriter.

On this charming little contraption he’d write the first and sometimes even second page of many brilliant books, most of which involved killer robots of one form or another, and none of which would ever live to see the light of day (robots or books).

Concluding that one or two pages was his limit when it came to writing, the logical step, obviously, was to focus on a career in copywriting, and the world of advertising. Because even at a stretch, the script for a thirty second TV commercial wouldn’t go beyond a couple of A4 pages, would it?

Sometimes, though, they did. Sometimes an idea came along that refused to be confined to something as trivial as an ad. And soon, Graham found himself writing short film scripts a whole ten to twelve pages long.

Sweet Baby Jesus.

One of those shorts got a bit longer and began to evolve into a full length feature. It was then that Graham thought he would prefer to write it as a novel.

And so he found himself back where he began as a portly nine year old, writing by night what would eventually become “Mr. Clear”, though thankfully not on the Lilliput Junior and its razor-blade-edged keys.

By day, he’s still a copywriter, writing ads and commercials persuading people to buy products and services they didn’t know they couldn’t do without. If that changes, who knows, maybe he’ll write a book about it.

Graham lives in Celbridge, County Kildare with his wife and three children. They don’t have any pets. But he does like to make the kids sleep in a kennel. Sometimes.