I’d be struck down by lightning (and more than a few members of the well meaning public) if I tried to get away with this idea in these times of strict alcohol advertising morals. But a couple of years back, it was all about seeing what you could get away with.

At the time – watch out for that lightning now – Bavaria was aiming a promotion at students around multipacks of their 500ml can. They were taking bus shelter advertising next to colleges and on the roads running through university campuses. Students waiting on buses would be close enough to the posters to see what I was up to in the writing. Those (holier than thou adults) passing by wouldn’t, and could only see enough to lose their collective shit over them.


Bavaria is the second largest brewery in the Netherlands (but it’s a place in Germany, don’t ask me, I have no idea either) hence all the Dutchly named characters in the copy. Or at least one of those baby name generator websites assured me they were Dutch names anyway. Oh, and the commas, or lack thereof? A design decision. The defence rests.


“Unfortunately Godfried convinced himself that a gold medallion and chest wig would make him LOOK REALLY COOL”


“Although a gifted soccer player Klaus donned a skirt and took up the hockey stick because he preferred to SCORE WITH WOMEN”


“A naturally talented carpenter and puppeteer Lukas only needed a block of wood and a chisel to MAKE NEW FRIENDS”