With Ireland home to the biggest technology companies in the world, there’s an urgent focus on STEM teaching in Irish schools. To demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to this education, a large area on the ground floor of One Microsoft Place, the company’s new campus in Leopardstown, was earmarked as a place where teachers could discover how to introduce technology into their classroom. But what would they call it? What would the proposition be to students, teachers and parents?

Whether student or teacher, the objective was to capture imaginations. And it came to fruition in the idea of “DreamSpace”. Representing the freedom to dream, DreamSpace would present technology in exciting new ways, through the hobbies, interests and ambitions that make them who they are, and help them realise the full potential of what they could achieve to the power of technology.

This was about more than clever copy lines and film scripts for a highly targeted digital campaign, it required content and direction for a three-hour educational program that would show the next generation how technology influences the world around them now, and how it would empower them to shape their own futures.