For Microsoft, the problem is they don’t want to just fill their Early Careers Graduate Programme with any old candidates. It’s about finding people who think a certain way. Problem solvers. Critical thinkers. Those with the Right Stuff.

So this idea took teams of candidates on the Early Careers programme already, then set them unexpected problems to solve. Whether they succeeded or not wasn’t an issue; this was all about showing how Microsoft likes its people to collaborate and embrace their failures in order to succeed.

It was also about seeing Microsoft in a new colourful, unbeige, unWindows 95 light, in the face of its many big tech rivals with deep pockets and promises of free food and bouncy castles down in Silicon Docks.

The idea had some fun with outdoor that had to be figured out with a little bit of brainpower too.

So, see the poster, watch the video, click the link, then apply for your grad programme place, simple as that? Nah. Problem solvers had a small test to pass online themselves before they could do that.