safefood wanted to promote their sponsorship of Operation Transformation, the health and fitness show where contestants from all over the country seek to change up their diet, get exercising, lose weight, and gain health over the eight week run; the ambition being to get the viewing public to do the same.

The creative thinking started with the audience. Most people look at shows of this ilk for entertainment, not education. The gym is not on their radar. But one place is, and it’s somewhere we all have to go every week. The supermarket. The trolley, being the symbol of the weekly shop, is their starting transformation point.

People want instantaneous, immediate results when it comes to their health, to have someone wave the weight loss wand. That’s where this idea came from, and the memory of viral cheeky chappie magician, Joel M, turning Rice Krispies into Coco Pops at Tesco. What if OT’s resident nutritionist, Aoife Hearne, took Joel shopping, with helpful hints and tips on how to Transform Your Trolley, the magic and the not-so-magic way?