Andrew reached across the workbench and took the axe down from where it hung on the pegboard. He peeled the protective sleeve off its head and regarded the blade, took in how the light glinted on the steel. This would make a great story. Except… He had nowhere to write. He didn’t have a place […]


My short stories are what they say on the tin. Short. Sometimes, really short. A few hundred words. Maybe fifteen hundred on a good day. And they are also stories. As in made up. Often I write about creepy, freaky, scary kids. This story is about a kid. But this one is true. It’s about […]


Jesus. They were coming back. Hadn’t they had enough? Didn’t they get tired? I was exhausted, physically and mentally. The last few weeks had left me spent. And yet here they were back to wring the last of my reserves. Their feral eyes glinted in the orange evening light reflected in the fresh puddles. I’d […]


Monday morning. There’s nowhere I need to be. And nothing I have to do. Once, this was the dream. But seeing as I never got round to putting something by for the proverbial rainy day, it’s the farthest thing from. No matter how much I might have hated the day job, at least it gave […]


You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. That’s what my mom used to say. No idea where the hell it comes from, but I know what the hell it means, believe that. So when Flash Harry glides up alongside me in his two hundred thousand dollar ride, the right-hand side of his S-Class […]


My name is now Fintan, it would appear. Unfortunate. I’ve always hated that name. Puts me in mind of unwitting, socially awkward dorks who sit up the front of the class and bring the same sandwiches to school every day in aluminum foil. In other words: sad, boring bastards. To you and me. So, for […]


I’ve avoided him, since the first day I clocked him, the second time I climbed on to this piece of shit bus, on my third day in this piece of shit job. And I’ve seen him on board every day since. In the same seat. With the same empty seat next to him. Because everyone […]


Been watching a lot of amazing video essays breaking down screenwriting, screenplays and writing, as of late – big shoutout to Nerdwriter1 and Lessons from the Screenplay – so inevitably the gravitational pull of Christopher Nolan and the millions of theses produced on his films reeled me in like a Corellian corvette into the belly […]


‘I don’t think you need to highlight it for me with the big red circle,’ she said. ‘I mean, thing kinda stands out all on its own, don’t it?’ ‘Yeah,’ Evan said, ‘I suppose you’re right.’ ‘I suppose I am.’ He tapped the screen. The circle vanished. He angled the display back at her again. […]


The fare slid in on to the backseat. The car dipped so hard, on what was left of the suspension, I thought it was going to do a back-flip. Whole lot of man for one man. “What’s up, buddy? Where to?” “D.C.,” he said. “LAX?” “No. I said D.C.” “Yeah, I get that, heard you the […]