We’ll sleep when we’re dead

We’re all so very, very tired. Seems like there are very few people you’ll chat to who tell you they’re wide awake, full of beans and rearing to go. Young, old, and everywhere in between, we yawn, or try to hide our yawns. We rub our eyes, throw eye drops into them like they will […]

The Rian of Skywalker

I’ve had enough time to think about the conclusion to the Star Wars saga now. And I’m glad I waited until seeing Knives Out before voicing it. You know what? Rian Johnson knows how to write a great story and make a bloody good movie. Knives Out is brilliant. It does some daring things, and […]

Tom Cruise took my wife’s BMX

Allegedly, we forget 50% of the dream we have just had within 5 minutes of waking up. But then I guess it all depends on the quality or absurdity of the dream in question. Sometimes a dream can be so vivid, so weird, let’s be honest, that it can stay with you long enough to […]

That is my space

Shopping centre car parks are a great place to go and write. They used to be better when you were truly severed from the internet out there in the middle of an acre or ten of tarmac. But since the advent of the smartphone and the ability to tether the old laptop to it and […]